A downloadable game

When we walk in the city,  sometimes we see something and it makes us drift into thinking. We come out of our thoughts minutes later and realize that we have walked to a different direction from where we wanted. 

A group of young boys going to a prostitute discuss about meeting her and realize they are not ready, they need more time, they go around the block.  

These two urban moments, as well as Gabriella, the famous Greek prostitute that was really a most able life coach to who people went not only for sex, but prepared to discuss a problem, are the inspiration of our problem-solving performative board game for groups.

Our board game comes in a box with two performers. The board is a map of Athens. The game is to reach Gabriella' s house and have an intimate interactive performance with her. She was a famous Athenian prostitute - life coach.  However, the challenge is to convince the milkman sitting out of her door, that we are ready for her.  We are prepared to talk to her about an issue that truly challenges us.  The milkman is our game master who theatrically leads us during the game.  We work in groups each preparing for Gabriella, losing ourselves into mental, sentimental and physical approaches of the issue we choose to discuss with her.  We do that by walking in the city, losing ourselves in our thoughts and being inspired by city spots.  The large variety of city typologies inspire a variety of approaches of our challenge - and so this game helps us in an out of the box collective problem solving. 

 This theatrical board game designed to be played inside office spaces, homes, cultural centers etc  advocates city walking, drifting, performance and collective processes and game as out of the box methods of problem solving.  It can evolve into a 3d board game and a city game. It is dedicated to all those who lose themselves into their thoughts, while walking in the city, as well as those to whom city  walking is always an experience...